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There are a variety of different strategies that an individual can use to read a particular piece of material, but it is important for an individual to find the best strategy for the type of resource that the individual is using. There is a wide range of different written materials that an individual may have to use in order to study for an exam, interview, or other similar purpose and each type of written material requires a different reading strategy in order to use that resource in the most effective way possible.
As my given task this semester, I have to choose one reading strategy and make research about it by using an academic text. As a matter of fact, among SQ3R, INSERT strategy and Barrett’s Taxonomy, I had chose the KWLH or some recognize it as KWL method developed by Donna Ogle (1986) that serves as a model for active thinking during reading. KWL and H stands for what you have known (K), what do you want to learn (W), what do you learned (L) and how you can proceed to search for other material regarding the text you have read. (H).The first two questions are asking about the priorities of reading; while the third one is about following the reading. They correspond to the mental operation of accessing prior information, determining reading purpose, and recalling information (Ogle, 1986)
            Using this strategy, I found that it allows me to build off of prior knowledge. I was activating my schema and preparing to add new things when reading my chosen academic text. In other words, I can make relations with the things I want to learn with my previous memory and this situations indirectly helps me to understand more about the reading text.
            Furthermore, I found that using KWLH method generate more curiosity from inside my self and make reading as ongoing learning process to search for information. I can ask as many questions I want, and then find the answer through my reading. Even if I could not find the answer in that reading text, I can still search for it using outside resources such as internet and news paper.
            Other than that, I also found that using this simple method I can clearly focus on what should I read and it helps me to re-organize information, or any ideas I got from the reading text. By drawing a simple chart with three columns, the reading objectives become clear and direct towards the information I seek for.
            However, along the time using this method, I also discovered the weaknesses of KWLH. Firstly, this method is more effective if we execute it as a group. It is because as a group, there will be more question that can be asked. Though, as the questions and inquiry increasing, the information to gather is increasing too. In addition, the learning outcome also becomes maximum.
            Furthermore, using this method is not helping is student have poor prior knowledge. In other words, the failure to generate questions and to relate between previous studies with the one they will study results to no informational input.
            As conclusion, choosing the right reading strategy will help the readers to read more understand about the material. The reading process also become easy and organizes. Despite several weaknesses, it depend on the reader itself to determine, when the right time to use it.

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