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Tuan Haji Shahidan B. Abd Rahman,
Director of Institut Perguruan Darulaman,
06000, Jitra, Kedah Darul Aman.                                         

From : Muhammad Zulhilmi B. Ismail

Date : 11th September 2007

Subject :           Services And Facilities At Taman Siswa

1.0  Introduction                                                                                                       

As part of our project, my group and I carried out a survey to find out about the services and facilities provided at the students’ residence in Taman Siswa. It is compulsory for all IPDA students to stay in Taman Siswa UUM until they finish their studies. My group conducted the survey among the semester 3 PPISMP students and interviewed the security officer to determine the services and facilities provided at Taman Siswa. The focus of this study is the hostel, the internet services, overall security and the hall that is provided for all students.

2.0  Findings
Data from our studies was analyzed. The findings show some interesting details. 

Figure 1.0

Based on the data we have collected, figure 1.0 shows that 17 over 20 respondents agreed that the hostel services were satisfactory. Only 3 respondents are dissatisfied. The internet services, the security levels and the hall facilities were generally found to be unsatisfactory.  Out of the four services and facilities provided by the hostel, the hall and its facilities and the security services were found to be the most unsatisfactory or inefficient.

Figure 2.0 : The Respondents response for hall facilities

With regards to the facilities of the hall, the pie chart depicts that 55% of the respondents were unhappy and dissatisfied whereas 45% were happy with the hall facilities. Therefore, at least 55% of the students were glad that there was a hall at Taman Siswa and it enabled them to carry out activities. Generally, this chart showed that less than the majority of the students were dissatisfied with the hall facilities. From the survey, it is found that they were dissatisfied with the condition of the toilets at the hall and from my observation; I  found that it is true that the toilets were in poor condition. Furthermore, most of the equipment and furniture provided at the hall were old and dangerous. For example, most of the chairs and tables were broken and could cause accidents. An incident happened last year where the ceiling of the hall fell on a student. So the students have a valid reason and the right for complaining about the facilities at the hall.

Figure: 3.0, The Respondents Response For Security Levels
 at Taman Siswa

According to the pie chart above, 65%of the respondents responded negatively whereby they voiced their dissatisfaction about the security level at Taman Siswa. This diagram indicates that the security level at Taman Siswa is low. The students do not feel safe in their hostel and even their hostel rooms. There were also many theft cases were laptops and jewellery were stolen. This is due to several factors, and from the data I have collected the respondents complained that the security guards on duty were insufficient and they lacked experience. From the survey we also found that there was a complaint that these officers were too old. There is another factor that contributed to this problem, that is where strangers can get in and out easily and freely. The tendency of theft cases happening was thus high. As a student, I feel that the security level at Taman Siswa is low of serious concern and immediate action must be taken to solve this problem.

            There is possibility that all the criminal cases that happened in the residence could have been committed by those from the inside themselves. From the interview that my group and I carried out with a student and the security guard at Taman Siswa, the evidences point towards the hostel residents and personnels themselves. Their respond to our question is that they think there were conspiracies linked to the crime cases that happened especially the theft cases. They believed that the culprits could be the students who are from and around here. There is possibility that they could be crime together as a group. So this explained us, how they could easily commit the crimes without being suspected and caught because they get the outsider to help them destroy all the crime evidences.

            As conclusion, the majority of the students’ response towards the services and facilities provided at Taman Siswa were unsatisfactory especially the hall, internet and security services. As a concerned student, I feel responsible and hope you would take appropriate actions to improve the services, management and facilities provided at Taman Siswa to ensure a comfortable and conducive environment for the students who live in Taman Siswa. This is important so that students’ studies are not affected by the problems and they can study peacefully. So, I would like to give some suggestions to help solve the problems.

1.0  Recommendations
.Firstly, to solve the problems connected to the hall, I think that it is compulsory for the Taman Siswa management to change and replace the old and dangerous furniture to guarantee students safety. Secondly, the management should prepare a schedule for cleaning especially at the toilets to ensure the cleanliness of the hall. As an additional suggestion, I think the hall should be renovated and made bigger so that it is suitable for our increasing number students at Taman Siswa. Furthermore, from the security aspect, the respondents expect an improvement and increament of the security guard on duty so the safety at Taman Siswa is guaranteed. Additionally, only trained qualified of the security guards should be hired. You can employ experienced persons such as ex-police personnels or ex-soldiers. As an additional precaution, to reduce this problem, we can use the matrix card system to prevent strangers or outsiders from getting in easily because with this system, only students or only authorized personnel in Taman Siswa can get permits to enter the premises and security can be kept under control. I representing the students hope you will take the required actions immediately to solve these problems and your cooperation in this matter is so valuable. I hope the college administration and wardens can work hand in hand with the student representatives. Thank you.



Student of PPISMP
SEM 3 PK/PJ (2)

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